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Making our roads safer by driving at 20mph in residential areas.

Already over 10m people live in local authorities which are adopting or have adopted this policy. Most importantly, through democratic debate those communities have decided that "20's Plenty Where People Live". And it is those same communities who have then changed their behaviour to drive slower in residential streets and where people walk and cycle. Its affordable too!!


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June 1st / 3rd

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Next Children and Young People's

Thursday 22nd September 2-4pm see here

Next Business Breakfast 

Wednesday 29th June 8-9am see poster 

Next Neighbourhood Development Forum

Thursday 14th July 5.30-7pm see here

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Thursday 14th July 2016 see here

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Thursday 18th July 2016 see here 



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Latest News

West Cheltenham Urban Extension 

Plans have been announced for the development of a 45 hectare Business Park and 500 houses to the west of Fiddlers Green and Springbank. The proposal is part of the JCS (Joint Core Strategy) a plan to build over 30,000 houses in Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury between now and 2030. The site has been downgraded from Greenbelt owing to the need to fulfil housing allocations as a result of the successful campaign to prevent development in Leckhampton. 

For information please see JOINT CORE STRATEGY 

Railway station parking consultation 

Last summer Gloucestershire County Council (GCC) consulted local residents and businesses about some options to change on-street parking restrictions in the west of Cheltenham including new permit parking arrangements by the station. GCC are now publishing a proposed scheme for a final round of consultation.  The decision whether or not to implement these changes in full or part will be based only on the feedback received. The final proposals are available to download from the here.  You have until Tuesday 31st May to register your views.

Saxon Quarter £1/2m million investment

The new development on the former Christ College site is well under way and will bring 90 new properties including 18 affordable homes; 12 to rent and 6 shared ownership. The site also has a section 106 agreement which will provide funds as follows;  £237k for local schools, £16k for libraries and £30k for play equipment. The new homes bonus will see central government match the council tax receipts for the properties for 6 years which could amount to over half a million pounds. How will they spend it

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